coached therapy

You are experiencing a sense of self-doubt and a feeling of being unable to control your life. You may feel like others are exerting more influence over your life than you are. Furthermore, you are struggling to manage your internal and external life effectively. This contradicts the idea that everyone should feel safe when connecting with others and trust their ability to make decisions.

Consult with me for 20 minutes, determine if eligible for program given what you need and how we can move you forward.

The process next depends on whether you are actively in therapy or have stopped going to therapy after years of previous therapy.

  • If you are actively in therapy, we meet immediately after each session to discuss advice & recommendations from your therapist; process those recommendations using additional methods, tasks, etc., before your next session with your therapist.

  • If you are not actively meeting with a therapist but have years of experience in therapy processing your past and trauma, we process the advice and recommendations from previous therapists using additional methods, tasks, etc., in small increments and goals.

This program allows you to meet with me multiple times a month to process and achieve goals as frequently as possible.  This structured approach allows you to progress consistently and accomplish thorough and multiple goals. With each step, you move closer to true safety and authentic self-acceptance.

You Today

How Coached Therapy Works

You Tomorrow

As a highly skilled coach, I empower clients who have experienced childhood trauma to take proactive steps toward lasting change and healing. My expertise and guidance will enable you to confidently put into action the advice and recommendations shared by your therapist, so you can achieve the transformation you desire. Trust me to guide you towards a brighter and more fulfilling future.

I assist clients who have experienced childhood trauma in implementing recommendations from their therapist into their daily lives.

By achieving self-acceptance, you will unlock the power to trust positive changes in all aspects of your life - be it relationships, physical and emotional health, finances, or anything else that holds value to you. Success starts with self-belief, and you have the potential to achieve great things once you embrace it.

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