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Resolving your past and other emotional STRONGHOLDS, 

through knowledge and awareness!


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​​Signature Program

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My childhood made me Not Good Enough Signature Program

     The Signature Program is a 6 to 8 week deep dive and focus on the 1 and or 2 areas that my be preventing you from success as a result of holding onto the trauma, negative childhood, dysfunction in your younger years.  This program is my favorite and offers the quickest and more complete outcome for clients.  I offer this program for an upfront fee that provides savings to my clients and guaranteed results.  Not all clients qualify for this program.  If you are interested please read what we do and contact me if you're ready. 

PART I – Client identifies what seems to be not working in her life 

                                                    The Who or What happened in your childhood 

                                                    How it shows up in the issue you’re having in your life 

                                   PART II – Identify and make the changes needed to make it work 

                                                    Identify the patterns that perpetuate the beliefs of childhood 

                                                   Challenge those patterns and beliefs 

                                                   Develop coping skills and reframing the effects of the past 

                                   PART III – Action plan to no longer struggle with what was not working in her life 

                                                    Practice, practice, practice 

Counseling is defined as a focused interaction between the therapist and the client (s).  Traditionally counseling is set  between 1 and 36+ sessions over the course of the relationship for an agreed amount of time.  The three areas that I provide counseling is as follows:

Problem-Focused Counseling

  • Brief counseling approach designed for one or two specific goals involving a current life challenge. Client’s using their Employee Assistance Program service may benefit from this type of approach. Sessions range from 1 – 8 sessions and therapy has a specific end date that the client determines at the beginning of the counseling relationship. 

Lifestyle Counseling

  • Longer term counseling that is generally used for more than 20+ sessions over several weeks and months to address present day challenges that begin to address the past and family of origin issues that may be interfering with the client (s) achieving goals. These goals could be relationships, mental health symptoms, career, happiness, etc.


The above types of counseling are generally covered by the client's insurance for a set amount of time (based on individual's insurance coverage).  This type of counseling utilizes therapeutic interventions that include, CBT, mindfulness, REBT, etc.

Current participating insurances: Carefirst BCBS (All Blues Plans), United Healthcare and Cigna.  Of course, I do accept self-pay (credit cards ).

If you would like to finally let go of the past in a more focused approach, I would recommend my Signature Program which is completed over 6 to 8 weeks focus on the 1 or 2 areas that holds you back.